That's right people don't hate because I'm in the alps and you're not, I'm out here riding the Deutsche Alpine strasse
all the way from the Boden see to Garmisch checking out NeusSchweinstein and the beautiful surrondings
And while I'm at it might as well check out Kind Luidwigshafen castle as well, and not to mention the beautiful.....Hey
what the hell?? where did those dark clouds come from, what happened to my blue sky and sunshine??
See, this is that Bull$hit they don't talk about in the Alps, rain, highwinds and soaked leathers if you don't have a rain
suite. Oh well, no sense in staying here, we need to beat feet and find some shelter.
Well, this is not exactly what I had in mind (ha ha), but as we were driving in the rain I saw this shelter door up and
figured it would be a good spot to hide out till the rain passed over.  We stayed in our small dorm for about 30 minutes or
so and decided to make a run for it.
We made it to Garmisch in the rain and that's when they told us that there was a big wind storm in the Bertches Garten
area and we should not go that way....$hit!! but that was the whole purpose of our trip. Oh well, time for plan "B".  This
is really crazy because just yesterday it was sunny..Oh well we're here now, time to keep on the rain gear.
By morning time there was a little break in the storm, but we managed to circle back into it and rode in the rain for the
rest of the day.
Believe it or not, if the weather was mechanical, I could fix it, I have extra beef jerky wrapping.
Do we have to go this way???  I just know it's more rain..Oh well, off we go into the dark brown yonder riding fast into
the clouds (that's in the voice of the Air Force song)
Yeap, more rain..Oh well,let's do this