2009 Kawasaki Concours, a long way from the beginning,
no where near the end. The C-14 is my latest ride and I
invite you to read the report to see how I got here, or just
click on the ZX-14 on the top left.
My Start on two Wheels
As with most kids, my first experience with two wheels was a
bicycle. I remember getting up that Christmas morning seeing the
bright red bike with a long sissy pole common in the 70's and
thinking, "I'm in the in-club" and can ride with the other daily bike
riders. Only problem is my brother, sister and I had one bike to
share between the three of us. First one up got the bike and If you
made the mistake of coming home for a bathroom break or a drink
of water you ran the chance of loosing the ride because at any time
one of us was waiting for the other person to come home. At any
giving moment one of us would be running down the street
screaming bring the bike back I'm not finished...it's still my turn!!  
You could scream till next Christmas but all it would do is cause
you to loose your voice for the victor continued to pedaled down
the street.

As the years passed, things got a little better because my mother
saved all year so she could buy three bikes, and for icing on the
cake we even got 10 Speeds. We were happy, finally feeling just as
good as the other kids on the block. We had a few well to do
families in the neighborhood and their children were able to get the
new Mini Bikes that had just hit the market.  Mini bikes back then
are the 50cc pocket bikes of today. Now I doubt back then if they
were actually 50cc, but I do know the kids were the rave of the
block, we left our new bikes on the curb and lined up for what
seemed like hours for a chance to ride.

I strongly remember my mothers face in the window as I waited for
my turn. I thought she was just looking out for us, but later found
out she was thinking "why are we leaving our bikes on the curb to
play with another kids toy?  As a child, we never see the hurt in our
parents. She scrapped and saved so we could have a bike to ride,
and there it lay on the curb discarded for the latest new thing...
The beginning of my motorized experience