Photo Album
It's 2002 and the bad news is I got reassigned to Langley AFB in Virginia.
Good news I've hooked up with some old riding partners from Germany.
Deals Gap is for real, there really is a "Road Dragon in them there hills.
Chillin with the VA crew before rolling up North for a little back road fun.
Man, after it's all said and done VA was a good tour. I managed to
get a few riders together and trick them into going to Deals Gap,
the famous road in Tenessee which is known to have 100+ turns
in 13 miles. This trip was a blast.

After being assingned to Langley in June 2002, I was blessed with
another assignment to Ramstein, yeah not even 3 years later I was
back home in Germany. Time to really get my Sport Touring on.
Well then, Germany it is, and the first thing
I did was sell the GSXR and get a bike that
was better suited for sport touring. After
that I started to venture out. First stop
was the place I called "The "Play Ground"

Johanniskreuz, the biker weekend