RAW (Ride After Work) Report
RAW on B-270 heading towards Kusel  and then on to Baulmholder
Rides After Work (RAW) began after I sold my GSXR-1000 and purchased
My ZX-12R. This was the start of something new, the start of Sport Touring
What is RAW? Well just as it says above it's a ride after work.
This series started when I was in Germany. Being stressed
after work I decided to take the long way home. As I started
riding I was like wow, Germany is a beautiful country. I figured
I'd go out about 50 kilometer and then come home making it
about a 2 hour ride with pictures and all. I was so amazed at
what I discovered that I started doing this every week, and
wouldn't you know it I started going out a little further as well.

I managed to complete 4 RAW Reports and I was thrilled
about my upcoming report on Idar-Oberstein especially since I
always wanted to take a picture of the Castle/Church that's in
the side of the mountain. The day was 14 April 2007 and I
didn't make it.As I was going down B-270 the long way to
Idar-Oberstein, I was taken out by a cager and by the grace
of God I'm still here. For obvious reasons this put my RAW
reports on hold. I thought I would never ride again, but hey
never say never.

Now that I'm stationed in California I'll try and bring back the
reports. But until then please revisit the posted reports and
stay tuned for new reports from California.