That's right, I'm still rolling on the back roads of Europe and this time I find myself in the Dolomite mountains in Italy. It's hard to
believe that I'm still riding after my close call back in April of 2007, but that's all behind me and I continue to look forward to the next
adventure on two wheels.

I had mapped out a route to the dolomitten mountains but never being one for layed plans I scrapped the route and just went the
direction of the wind. Leaving Ramstein, I made my way pass Baden-Baden and ventured up to Gernsbach to the Esso gasstation.
Bike full of gas and stomach full of food, the week long tour was on.
In Gernsbach, I took a quick break to gather my composure and get in the right frame of mind for riding. I had planned on riding for 8
or so hours on the first day knowing my days would be shorter as the week rolled by.
As I left my resting spot which is to the left of this picture, I traveled down the same path that got me there and headed on towards
Freudenstadt. But before I continued I wanted to take a picture of the entire castle or Fort, not sure what it is so I'll just call it a
wonderful view.
Cars, bikes, and cathedrals stretched along a twisty road. This site is so common in these parts, one would think you would get tired of
seeing it but that's not the case, it makes you want to see more
As I rested on the castle wall, this is what I was looking at, just sitting here and thinking of all the roads that await me.
And more is exactely what you get in Europe. I finally made it to the Boden See but I have to cross on this ferry to get to Switzerland.
This is where the scenary starts to change and every site is a backdrop for a post card.