Welcome to 2WHEEL4FUN, a site I created to log my
adventures as I streak across the globe to unknown
destinations, and destinations reported by riders like you,
riders with an adventurous soul and understanding that the
journey is within the ride.

I Love riding the street, doesn't matter if it's deep in the
canyons or high up on a mountain pass, if it's twisty and
going somewhere I'm down for the ride. I work during the
week so my riding is on weekends unless I've planned a trip.
Either way I'm chasing  daylight.

Another day another mile, it all equals to places I've been,
and places I want to see. I reside in Southern California, drop
me a line if you want to 2WHEEL4FUN.

I ride, eat, laugh, and ride some more not giving 2 cent about
the type of bike you ride as you come to ride.

Come on in and check out where I've been.

Wishing you a blessed riding season and I hope to see you
on the road.

E-mail: ninjadad66@yahoo.com   

Destination?  The Journey within the ride